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Mr. Guo Wenqing Met With Mr. Zhang Enliang, Hegang Municipal Party Committee Secretary

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On March 28, Mr. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals' President and Party Group Deputy Secretary of MCC Chairman, met with Mr. Zhang Enliang, Hegang Municipal Party Secretary, and his delegation. The two sides had an in-depth exchange of ideas on further promoting and accelerating the integration of graphite resources and their subsequent development and utilization.

Mr. Guo Wenqing welcomed Mr. Zhang Enliang's visit and introduced the progress of China Minmetals' integration of graphite resources in Hegang City. Mr. Guo Wenqing pointed out that, as a state-owned capital investment company in China's metal & mining industry, China Minmetals had been attaching great importance to the acquisition, development and utilization of high-quality metal and mineral resources; since the establishment of a strategic partnership with the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province at the beginning of this year and the signing of a cooperation agreement on mineral resource development & new material industry with Hegang Municipal People's Government, China Minmetals had promptly launched the comprehensive development and utilization of graphite resources as well as the planning and design of green mine construction; and all related work was bustling efficiently and everything had made a good start.

Mr. Guo Wenqing emphasized that for the next step, China Minmetals would base itself on its own resource strategy, combine the overall deployment and requirements for economic and social development of Heilongjiang Province and Hegang City, and give full play to the advantages of the metal & mining industry chain as well as the R&D and application advantages of lithium battery and new materials, to actively participate in the comprehensive development and utilization of Hegang's graphite resources with the most advanced smelting and splitting technologies. On one hand, China Minmetals would set up a task team of participants from various departments, and accelerate the study and development of a proposal to create a spherical industrial base of graphite and anode materials; on the other hand, it would attract more private enterprises and capitals to participate through the form of mixed ownership, to jointly strengthen and expand the integration, development and utilization projects on graphite resources, to ensure insightful strategy and economic efficiency of those projects, and assist Hegang City in economic and social development.

Mr. Zhang Enliang expressed gratitude to Mr. Guo Wenqing for his warm reception and introduced Hegang Municipal Government's latest progress in promoting the integration of graphite resources. Mr. Zhang Enliang said that at present, Hegang City's graphite resource enterprises paid attention to and gave support for the integration of graphite resources to be made by China Minmetals. It was expected that China Minmetals would accelerate the study and development of corresponding work plans, to clarify each company's role on the new platform. It was hoped that both sides would further strengthen communication and coordination, accelerate the implementation of related work, and promptly solve the existing problems of the graphite industry in Hegang City such as low end, low efficiency, decentralized development and polluted environment, to promote green transformation and sustainable development of the graphite industry in Hegang City.

Mr. Jiao Jian, China Minmetals' Vice President and Party Group Member, attended the meeting. Hao Hongshan, Deputy Secretary General of Hegang Municipal Party Committee and Director of Hegang Municipal Party Committee Office, Sun Kun, Deputy Secretary of Luobei County Party Committee and Head of Luobei County, Li Tieyun, Director of Hegang Municipal Government's Liaison Office in Beijing, and Wang Jionghui, Xue Fei, Xiong Xiaobing, Wu Shaohui, Yang Kui and Wen Jianguo from relevant departments of China Minmetals and directly subordinated enterprises also attended the meeting.

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